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Tough Mummer

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Tough Mummer

Tough Mummer tips


Tough Mummer

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Tough Mummer Tips


Welcome to ‘Tough Mummer’!

As a Mummer myself I totally understand how scarey it is being pregnant and how
delicate that growing bump is to you. I also understand the frustrations after giving
birth and how much you then want to get rid of that excess left over bump!
As a Health & Fitness Professional for over 18 years, I have successfully worked with

everyone from the morbidly obese to Sporting Professionals.

My passion for helping mums with Fitness came after having my daughter 6 years
ago. Having already been qualified in pre and post natal care for mother I was
confident in what was safe and aware in yoga classes for pregnant women of my
limitations but realized that support and knowledge for the average mum wasn’t

readily available.

All the guidelines and recommendations state that you should aim to exercise while
taking pregnancy yoga classes for 30mins daily but then there is no further advice

about the content of this exercise.

My mission is your mission- for you to continue looking and feeling fabulous
throughout your pregnancy and then for you to ‘Bounce back after birth’!


Our Classes

This is the introductory fitness class programme which will progressively increase.

Tough Mummer Weight

Monday’s 11:00-11:45

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Zumba (Mummer)

Wednesday’s 18:00-18:45

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Ballet Tough

Friday’s 09:30-10:15

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Mindful Mummer

Sunday’s 18:30-19:00

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