0-6 weeks post Caesarean

Start as soon as you can, but not with exercise... Patience will be key when it comes to the Fitness side of things after having a Caesarean ( C-section) as you can’t 
out train the healing process. You should be totally off of your feet for the 1st few days and then slowly begin walking around the house. For the first 6 weeks your 
sole focus needs to be on breathing! 


Simple but an incredibly powerful technique of waking those core muscles back up whilst your body is in full rest mode repairing itself. Your concentration needs to 
be on increasing the depth and length of your breaths in a comfortable way which still remains natural rather than forced/ holding of breaths. Take slow and 
controlled breaths in and then on exhale really try to focus on the abdominals of the sides and bringing them in towards the centre of the body. 
Be patient with this technique as you may not feel anything for a while but you can practise this as much as you like.

6 weeks Post C-Section

You may feel well and a lot stronger which is great progress but again this is not a time to rush back into exercise after pregnancy. After any operation, the body 
needs a great deal of time to heal fully and so exercise at this time should be gentle. Walking and body weight exercise or baby yoga classes is a great start as 
it’s gentle and can be increased as and when you feel you are ready.

Stay away from

High impact exercise such as running and jumping, heavy weights, abdominal concentration such as crunches that were done during pregnancy exercises for easy delivery. 
Be aware that although the external scarring may heal quickly, the deeper layers are still recovering.


The healing process takes time but will take longer if you compromise your body in anyway. So listen to your body at all times, with each progress be aware with 
how you are feeling before you take it up a level! Never compete with others at this stage as all woman recover at different rates.