Postnatal period

This is the recovery period after giving birth which generally ranges between 6-8 weeks.

Don’t neglect yourself

Especially with your first pregnancy, it’s very easy to totally forget about yourself and your needs as your so busy providing and prepping for your newborn. 
It’s vital you continue to look after yourself and keep healthy as being a ‘Mummer’ is a 24/7 job!

Healthy Eating

Your body has been through an incredible trauma during pregnancy and labour, so it is very important that you follow a balanced diet to promote healing and a 
full recovery.

Sleep like a baby

Newborns do not allow you a full nights sleep and so you need to ensure that you are sleeping when the baby sleeps where possible to get as many hours regeneration 
as you can.

Entertain when suits you

You become the most popular member of your family and amongst friends after having a baby, everyone wants to visit! Do not feel obliged to entertain. 
Set clear times and durations that suit you for friends and family to visit and make sure you stick to them. Routine is key right from the start.

Daily fresh air

Get yourself out in the fresh air every day, even if just for a few minutes. Start as you mean to go on, being cooped up inside with a baby brain all day every day 
can have a negative impact on your well being.

Express Bottle

If you are breastfeeding, after the first few weeks try to introduce an expressed bottle just at night time. This will allow someone else to feed baby and start to 
give you the well needed longer undisturbed sleep that your body requires.

Be active daily

See the Tough Mummer class programme for pre and postnatal care for mothers' specific fun ways to keep moving. All post pregnancy workout classes are live online so 
can be completed in the comfort of your own home and will mean you can complete your post pregnancy exercise whilst keeping a watchful eye over your newborn.

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