Stress-Free Living

When your pregnant it’s really Important you remain as stress free as possible to help regulate blood pressure and prevent any build up which may harm baby.

Healthy Eating

Whilst pregnant, eating a balanced diet can help maintain blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure, increase energy levels and ensure weight is then controlled. 
Some people believe it to be a great time to endulcen as ‘I’m going to get fat anyway’! 

This is ridiculous! You don’t get fat, you are growing a baby, however, endulging during pregnancy will ensure you do gain excess fat and so when your baby is then
delivered you will then be left with all that excess fat!

Folic Acid

This is a required supplement during pregnancy due to how hard it is to get the recommended daily intake through food alone. Folic Acid is extremely important as 
it helps prevent birth defects.

Quit any form of toxic intake

Quit smoking/ drug taking/ alcohol consumption, as all can cause serious harm to baby and may even result in miscarriage.

Be active daily

You should be aiming for 30mins of moderate intensity exercise every day. This can be completed through a variety of activities even house work! See the Tough Mummer 
prenatal exercises classes and post natal specific fun ways to keep moving.

Sleep well

Being pregnant will require even more sleep than usual! Your body is working so hard all day every day growing and nurturing your baby as well as looking after you too 
that it requires that bit more down time to regenerate.

Keep hydrated

H2O needs to be at hand at all times throughout pregnancy. This amazing stuff carries all your nutrients to your baby. Even more importantly in the 3rd trimester it 
helps dilute your urine reducing the risk of any infection.

Don’t overheat

A relaxing bath may feel amazing whilst pregnant but you need to ensure that the temperature is not too hot. No saunas or steaming, as all these can be dangerous 
raising the body’s core temperature.

Fitness Programming

Consistency with your Fitness routine is key during pregnancy. Our Prenatal Yoga Center provides the best prenatal yoga programme that falls in line with this 
requirement and offers the same classes at the same times each week for you to simply log in and join wherever you may be!

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